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  • 2013-03-06

stories from sihanoukville 2

our bartender (french guy, living here since 7 years, as dive master, croix rouge employe, security man… he,s speaking 7 languages) presented me yesterday his ex khmer fiancee…. a handsome rich and beautiful khmer lady …maybe little bit to proud and selfconfidence as a bank manager in switzerland…..) so i asked them, why u are no more together, she got shy and our bartender opened an envelope… inside it was a “love contract” that she presented to him with 35 points !!!!!!!!!1) before marriage u have to pay my family us 7,777.002) u always have to look for my parents, respect them and help alltime3) u always have to love me more than i love u4) u know i will never work5) u know i hate cooking, cleaning…. and will never do6)…….the crazy one signed this contract !!!! love makes….. !!!! unfortunately he had not uss 7777 in cash…….

that,s life in cambodia !!!!