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  • 2013-03-06

stories from sihanoukville 1

this morning we had the first weekly staff meeting and 8 am everybody was here, wow, big surprise. so we did our role play, pascal the good and nice one, me, the bad and ugly one…. it was really funny how they scared a little bit and then smiled, when they got compliments from pascal ! so today we all together took first 2 decisions, we agreed for 3 free lunch times t…

he day 07.30 1200 & 1700 & they agreed two work 1/2 hour more the day, we also will install a idea box, best idea of month will get 10 us, and always at the 15 we will open tip box, and they can share the money, i guess actually will be about 100 us inside, will be big surprise, and big money for staff…..

that,s life in cambodia !!!!

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