Downtown – central part in the middle of the peninsula. Ochheuteal & Serendipity Beach Weather Station Hill & Victory Beaches (aka Port Hill or Victory Hill).


Miles and miles of sandy beaches, to everyone’s liking – bustling or deserted, enraptures every soul and invites you to social or romantic togetherness or just to hang loose.

  • Serendipity and Ochheuteal Beach – In front of your doorstep a lively beach awaits you. Lots of small restaurants and bars with pleasant deckchairs, good massages – for which the Vietnamese are simply the best – in other words living the life of Riley!
  • Sokha Beach – A beach in the south of the downtown-area / Sokha Beach Resort
  • Otres Beach I & II – The beach lies south of the Ochheuteal Beach. It is mainly deserted and close by you will find the hamlet Otres Village.
  • Ream Beach – A remote beach in the Ream National Park! A trip by boat along the mangrove coastline accompanied by a picnic with barbecued fish on the beach is surely unmissable.
  • Islands – Innumerable amount of islands lying before the city, invite you to swim, snorkel or dive. Daily trips, possibly connected with 1 or 2 romantic overnight stays on an idyllic island, are gladly organized by us.

Places of interests

  • Wat Chtynieng (Wat Leu) – The monastery, lies on the 132-metre-high Sihanouk Mountain and offers a wonderful view over the city, the islands and the beaches.
  • Fishing port – The fishing port lies about 2 kilometres north of the main port. The departure of the fishing boats before sunset is particularly worth seeing.
  • Kbal Chhay waterfalls – A succession of 3 to 5-meter-high waterfalls invites to a relaxing rendezvous together with, perhaps a picnic. During the weekends the locals enjoy staying there.
  • Downtown-market – Clothes, shoes, textile-material, jewellery and so forth all at very reasonable prices (please always haggle – a “farang” extra charge of 50% is common) can be bought. At the back part of the market, the food area is located – comprising of mainly fresh goods to which however our noses might still have to get accustomed to.


In a country with a history of over 1000 years, Sihanoukville is without a doubt a colourful city, marred by a tragic background. Situated in the southern part of the country, on the gulf of Thailand, the promotional prospect of the city started over 50 years ago with the construction of the first ocean port. The city – whose name was inspired by Prince Norodom Sihanouk, who reigned at the time – was rapidly transformed, enjoying economic prosperity as well as the high society of Cambodia, which was attracted to its beautiful sandy beaches.

This part of the history ended in the year 1970 when Prince Sihanouk was exiled and the country was dragged into a civil war. An inexpressible tragic story which ended in a victory for the red Khmer with the infamous Pol-Pot regime who then ruled the country henceforth! In 1997, after freedom was regained the rebuilding of Sihanouk’s began.