• Posted by: admin
  • 2013-03-06

birthday stories from sihanoukville

dear friends all over the world, thank u so much for all messages & wishes i got for my birthday !!!! u made me happy, as u know sihanoukville makes younger, so i got 27….so 1st party started at midnight to 4 am…. 2nd party was surprise from all staff.. 7 pm light got off, spot got on and all came with a personell gift for me, angry birds, teddy bears, loving birds….. so amazing…. i almost got tears… 10 pm they invited us to a cambodia night club with live music (we had to pay… smile) then the band ledader annonced, this evening we have special guest, birthday of mr tom sexy… and 200 people were singing happy birthday for 10 minutes…

that,s life in cambodia !